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A rules light pen & paper RPG about monster hunters in Meiji Japan. 


It is the year 1889. After months of deliberation, the Constitution is about to be approved, giving absolute power to the Emperor Meiji. In the last two decades, there have been deep political and social reforms that have cleared the road to modernization... Not everybody was happy about them.

During these convulsive years, sightings and encounters with supernatural beings—known as yokai—have increased tremendously. Some blame the “barbarians”, others accuse the nostalgics of the bakufu times, a few even dare to hold His Majesty responsible. The truth is nobody knows for sure.

The Yokai Gari Kai (Yokai Hunters Society) has been around for centuries, gathering brave people from any social stratum to fight these abominations that lurk in the shadows. 


This game is an entry for the Goon Jam, and it's based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme. It's been written by a Spaniard in a couple of days, and remains unchecked by a native speaker; so it's very likely that Shakespeare's tongue had been butchered. I haven't tested it yet: if it works, go give Nate a hug; otherwise, blame me.

I had a great time writing it, so it is very possible that I will expand or improve it in the future. Some of the things I would like to do with it:

- Test it, of course.
- Write a Spanish version.
- Have someone check my Broken English.
- Add a third pamphlet including an adventure. 

UPDATE: version 0.2

- Fixed the Antagonists section to clarify what Ray Otus (thanks!!) pointed out in his review.
- Simplified the curse die rule to prevent it from being too powerful. 
- Traits added to the random hunter creation table.
- Minor changes in the equipment table.
- Added Spanish version.


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Yokai Hunter RPG (0.2) CASTELLANO 1 MB

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What an incredible little production this is! It's beautiful. It seems useful at the table. It explores an interesting and under-represented genre. Great stuff. 

Thanks a lot, Ray! 

You're welcome. https://viridianscroll.blogspot.com/2019/08/yokai-hunter.html

This is beautiful!

Thanks, Nate!