Reprints are home!

The reprints are home, safe, and sound. The folks at Mixam did a great job and the zines look great. 

If you purchased a hard copy, you should have already received a mail asking for your shipping address. I'm going to send the first batch early next week to European countries and Canada, so don't forget to send me your address if you live in one of those countries and want to get it soon. Asia and US residents will probably have to wait a bit more, as I might need to send those when I'm back in Taiwan, but don't forget to send me your address as soon as possible. Sorry about that, I'll keep you posted. 

That's all for now!

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Yo, are any stores going to stock these? I really want to pick one up but am saving cash for GenCon at the moment, so buying end of August is more likely.


I want to send the copies to the folks who purchased during the campaign first, but there will be more available in the near future, yeah

Great! I'm interested in a printed copy too!

Wonderful stuff. I shall keep an eye out.